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Help With Your Tampa Sewer Backup Emergencies.

Have you been searching for home sewer backup services in Tampa, FL because your bathroom is flooding? Matt’s Plumbing Services is a locally owned business that focuses on fixing plumbing and drain problems, quickly and efficiently. If you have any of these following sewer backup issues, you should give us a call immediately.

Sewer Backup Origin

Home sewer backups commonly originate from a toilet, bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, or kitchen sink. It’s not as simple as turning off the water to stop it flowing, as the problem is

deep within the sewer drain and not your waterline.

This type of flooding is particularly distressing as filthy water is going to get all over your floor, and potentially reach carpets. It may even reach furniture, books, or children’s toys.

Clean up can be a lengthy process and may even involve a call to your home insurance provider. Give Matt’s Plumbing Services a call for all your clogged drains and sewer backups as soon as you see water stuck in your sink or starting to backup.

Clogged drains are usually the main source of the problem. Using your toilet plunger or a drain cleaner may be a temporary solution at best.

Clogs can commonly be caused by a variety of reasons, not just in Tampa, Florida but anywhere. They can also get worse with every flush. It’s possible you may have a blockage in your main sewer line too.

Proper Toilet Usage

Many people use their toilets as a waste basket. You should never do that. The only thing going in there should be a minimal amount of toilet paper and human waste. The rest of the stuff can go in the garbage bin. Much of these other items—facial tissue, paper towels, tampons, baby wipes— simply don’t break down enough, and can get stuck at various points in your sewer line.

Many people have garbage disposals in their kitchen sinks but put the wrong things down them. It should only be for finely chopped up vegetable waste. You should never put bones down the disposal, grease or fat, or anything hard, like fruit pits.

There can also be natural causes of Tampa sewer backups. Tree roots can grow into the pipes and cause holes or blockages. Sewer lines may also be broken, cracked, or collapsed. Today, plastic sewer lines are more common as they’re durable, but in the past, cast iron and clay piping was used, which can break down over time.

Give Matt’s Plumbing Services a call today to diagnose your Tampa sewer backup problems. Even better, if your drains haven’t been cleaned for a while, please call to book a Tampa drain cleaning service to do maintenance before you do have a drain problem.

Next to having freshly running water, the sewer line is the most important part of the home. If you’re experiencing any Tampa sewer backup problems or clogged drains please give Matt’s Plumbing Services a call right now. It will be a relief once your toilet or sink is fixed so you can get back into your daily routine.

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